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2009-12-06 22:33:43 by thatonegeek

What's up.

Everyone goes to Newgrounds, but I only just made myself a profile. xD Yay.

I don't really make games, or films, but hey, I love to play em, so what the hell!

I like puzzle games, unique ones. And strategy/rpg... Or just weird alternative games that are... Imaginative. So if anyone knows any, be a doll and do share with me. <3

About me, just a bit.

I'm asian and I'm still in school... I have a great boyfriend. Don't mess with me, my bf's a marine, and marines kick ass.

I love sweet food, but I love gore and twisted stuff, too, I suppose. My favorite band is Tool; I think that says a bit about my personality.

But really.

I have a love for jazz and classical music, too.

I guess I try to be very well-rounded, but no one if perfectly neutral. xD

So, uhm, talk to me. I love to chit chat, though I warn you, once I warm up to people my true nature comes out.

I'm a little short-tempered, aggressive and I cuss a lot.

But I wouldn't harm a fly. <3
That'd be a waste of time!

Me at a Japanese pastry shop place in NewYork. Cutest bookstore out there. My face is censored because it'd make your screen blow up. No, really, your screen would blow up and melt at the same time. Just ask my boyfriend.



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2009-12-06 22:54:48

Welcome to NG.
(Im technicly the welcoming commitee)

thatonegeek responds:

Ty. I've been to NG a lot before but only just made an acc xD


2009-12-06 23:58:55

holy crap that cake looks delicious im taking your word that it was yummy

thatonegeek responds:

Oh god, it was SO perfect

It was light and fluffy and sweet, but not heavy take-one-bite-at-a-time sweet, it was like eating a cloud with strawberries on it, it was so perfect you just HAD to inhale it an ask for seconds.

My aunt, who took the pic, had a similar and equally delicious chocolate one.

She calls them 'Japanese cute cakes' but w/e, they all go into MY TUMMY

So good <3


2009-12-07 12:18:01

Hi there, welcome to Newgrounds! :D

thatonegeek responds:

Thanks! :D
I hope to play a lot of fun games here.