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2010-04-07 01:00:34 by thatonegeek

Before I go into it, shouldn't 'uber' be 'ueber'? I've had German and I seen 'uber' with umlauts, but without umlauts the umlaut-ed letter, as my teacher explained, is commonly accepted to have an -e attached but I never see that on 'uber', or maybe I saw some incorrectly spelled 'uber's with the umlauts... Anyways...


I'm so sorry, everyone. I didn't think I'd be scouted so easily! And I barely check this account, here, on NewGrounds! 20+ people scouted me! Arg! I was notified of... Being scouted... By one scout-er on my DA account, so I chose to be scouted by that person, since they cared enough to contact me because... I had taken so long to reply... To everyone... Haha... Ha...

Well, from now on, it's probably A lot safer and better to message me or contact me through my DA account, since that's my homepage, I see it the most.

I don't check NG very often because it feels laggy to me, maybe slow, but it could just be me. Also, I only try to upload my favorite/best works here, so that's why you all must think I'm good... Haha.. All that's here is the cream of my crop, so to say!

Oh gee, I must sound like a lame-but-pleasant person. I'm so not. Hah.

Urm, I might make like an e mail just for this site and my other art-related-sites, so I will say something about that. I'd put up my current e mail, but I don't want it to be spammed. I want to be safe, you know?

But um, things you might want to contact me about, like any requests or suggestions in my art, please, do message me! I will try to check here more often! Or if it's a request for something, try my DA account! I'm willing to help anyone with any art requests to the best of my ability. I'm not the best with doing males, or any weird or interesting angles, but it's through practice I get better. I'm okay with doing things free, just if you use my work, mention me, that's all I ask. I need the practice and I will do my best to work things into my schedule (being smart sucks, guys, it honestly honestly does, never never take AP classes, never) and if I can't, I will notify you so you can invest your time where it's needed. <3

And that's all. <3

See my DA to see... My real personality... I'm way too pleasant here, uffuffuff, and also a more diverse collection of my work. <3

Thank you for supporting me, just by reading this through! <333


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2010-06-28 16:35:15

i made a comment hooray