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Entry #3


2012-08-03 15:55:37 by thatonegeek

I'm le back!

The reason I left Newgrounds so long ago was because the site ran so slow on my old computer.

I still art, but I have less time.

Since I've been gone, I've come more and more into what I want from my art. It's still just a hobby, but I feel like my approach to art has matured. I don't want to draw pretty feeling things; I still do, and always will, just for fun. But I want to eventually get to the point where my art induces emotions; mainly soft, bright emotions, and dark, slimey emotions. Or feelings.

That disgusted feeling you get when you see something awful. Something wrong, something unnatural; I enjoy that. I plan to try to culture and nurture my awareness of that feeling, and I hope to bring it into my art. I'm far more fascinated with the morbid than the light and fwaa fwaa. Light and fluffy comes from natural things, correct things, good things. The exception and the "wrong" has always, always interested me. Things that, for whatever reason, our brains register as incorrect or unusual. Things that you don't expect or don't like.

So I hope to be posting around here more. <3

Feel free to message me! <3 <3


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