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Blue-violet Blue-violet

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Very intense-feeling. I thought more of energy than sadness, though, perhaps by the way the colors are moving. I thought of a rushing wolf or a swooping bird.

I can see why you'd use shades of just one color, but if you'd moved around a bit (used a bluer or redder variant of the same general color) you could have made the picture a bit more dynamic, add another layer of interest...

I still like it, though. Interesting, and kind of thought provoking...

Actionsquid responds:

Perhaps, but that would probably go with the other colors in the series (have you seen them?). I was hoping that the uniform direction would create the stillness, especially with the cool colors and the white. I do appreciate this comment, though, as I like to see through the eyes of others, since no two people are exactly the same. I'm glad you can connect with it, despite the deviation from my original intent:)